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Butchers Club Burgers

Finding the ultimate burger was a never-ending search for the food-lovers of Hong Kong. That was until The Butchers Club Burgers opened. Not only are these juicy bacon cheeseburgers made using The Butchers Club’s own brand of dry-aged Black Angus beef from New South Wales, Australia, but the patties are also minced fresh to order in front of the customer, before being thrown back to the kitchen and grilled to a perfect medium - that’s still nice and pink in the middle.


The concept came about through The Butchers Club’s desire to practise nose-to-tail butchery. After the primary cuts of beef have been used for the restaurant’s signature dry-aged steaks, gorgeous secondary cuts of rump, chuck and brisket are first dry-aged and then marinated in The Butchers Club’s secret seasoning mix before being ground in a huge old-fashioned grinder right in front of the customer.


A burger at The Butchers Club Burgers is like nothing you have ever tasted. The Black Angus cattle are fed on a diet of organic hormone-free and antibiotic-free pasture, which is supplemented by organic grain, creating a flavour that is totally unique to The Butchers Club.